William Paca – An American Patriot

William Paca Italian American_

William Paca was an American politician, lawyer, and signer of the United States Declaration of Independence. He was born on October 31, 1740, in Abingdon, Maryland, to a wealthy planter family. Paca received his early education at home and later attended the College of Philadelphia, now the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated in 1759 … Read more

Letteratura Italiana – Italian Literature

Letteratura Italiana

La letteratura italiana is the literary tradition of Italy, beginning in the 13th century with writers like Dante and Boccaccio. La letteratura italiana, Italian Literature, is usually discussed by the century in which the works were produced. This allows scholars to analyze literary trends on a timeline to observe the evolution of the art from … Read more

Niccolò Machiavelli – Philosophy For A Prince

Niccolò Machiavelli

Niccolò Machiavelli (1469-1527) was an Italian Renaissance philosopher, writer, and politician. He was born in Florence and served as a diplomat and advisor to the Florentine Republic for many years, but he was eventually imprisoned and exiled after the city was taken over by the Medici family. Machiavelli is best known for his political treatise, … Read more

Christopher Columbus Discovers A New World

columbus in america

Christopher Columbus (Cristoforo Colombo in Italian; Christoffa in Ligurian dialect) was born in Genoa in 1451. He had little education as a boy, and only learned to read and write as an adult. So he went to sea, as did many Genovese boys, and voyaged in the Mediterranean.  In 1476 he was shipwrecked off Portugal, … Read more