Father’s Day in Italy

father's day in italy

Father’s Day in Italy, known as the Festa di San Giuseppe (Feast of St. Joseph), is celebrated on March 19th every year. It is a special day dedicated to honoring fathers and celebrating their contributions to the family. The occasion coincides with the religious celebration of St. Joseph, the “foster” father of Jesus Christ, who … Read more

Books About Italian-Americans

Italian-American Books

Literature has always been an important part of Italian culture, and that importance has carried through to Italian-American culture, as well. There have been many great books written by Italian-American authors, like Mario Puzo, for example, who wrote The Godfather. Besides “The Godfather, Mario Puzo also wrote a few other books around this topic. “The … Read more

What Is Italian-American Food?

italian american food

Food is an important part of any culture, and the Italian-American community is no exception. For generations, Italian-Americans have taken the food traditions from the Old County, and adapted them to life in the United States, creating a food culture that is all its own. Some of the most popular and iconic Italian-American dishes, such … Read more

Italian-American Music

Italian-American singers

Italian-American music has had a significant impact on American pop music, both in terms of style and content. The earliest Italian-American music in the United States was brought over by Italian immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This music was characterized by the use of traditional Italian instruments such as the mandolin, … Read more

Italian Gravy or Sauce?

italian gravy or sauce

In the discussion about Italian-American food, you simply can’t avoid the “Italian Gravy or Sauce?” debate, as tiresome as it is. Every Facebook group dedicated to Italian-Americans has been forced to endure these pointless arguments. But hold on a minute. Is there actually something to this, perhaps? Let’s try to dissect the linguistic origins of … Read more

Letteratura Italiana – Italian Literature

Letteratura Italiana

La letteratura italiana is the literary tradition of Italy, beginning in the 13th century with writers like Dante and Boccaccio. La letteratura italiana, Italian Literature, is usually discussed by the century in which the works were produced. This allows scholars to analyze literary trends on a timeline to observe the evolution of the art from … Read more