Christopher Columbus Discovers A New World

columbus in america

Christopher Columbus (Cristoforo Colombo in Italian; Christoffa in Ligurian dialect) was born in Genoa in 1451. He had little education as a boy, and only learned to read and write as an adult. So he went to sea, as did many Genovese boys, and voyaged in the Mediterranean.  In 1476 he was shipwrecked off Portugal, … Read more

Guglielmo Marconi: Pioneer of Wireless

Guglielmo Marconi_ Pioneer of Wireless

Guglielmo Marconi, born on April 25, 1874, in Bologna, Italy, was an Italian inventor and electrical engineer who is widely recognized for his pioneering work in wireless telecommunication. He is considered one of the fathers of radio and made significant contributions to the development of long-distance wireless communication, revolutionizing the way people communicate across vast … Read more

Father’s Day in Italy

father's day in italy

Father’s Day in Italy, known as the Festa di San Giuseppe (Feast of St. Joseph), is celebrated on March 19th every year. It is a special day dedicated to honoring fathers and celebrating their contributions to the family. The occasion coincides with the religious celebration of St. Joseph, the “foster” father of Jesus Christ, who … Read more

Painting in Italy: 10 Famous Italian Paintings

Famous Italian Paintings

Italy is known for many things including its natural beauty, rich history, and the world’s best cuisine. And of course, famous Italian paintings, which are among the most recognizable in the world, with the likes of The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.  Italian painting began to establish itself around the thirteenth century. In the … Read more

Fiorello La Guardia Biography

Fiorello La Guardia Biography

Fiorello La Guardia was an influential Italian-American political figure, known for his dynamic leadership and significant contributions to American society. Born on December 11, 1882, in New York, he possessed a rich heritage that rooted him in both Italian and American cultures. His upbringing took an interesting turn when he spent his youth in Trieste, … Read more

Books About Italian-Americans

Italian-American Books

Literature has always been an important part of Italian culture, and that importance has carried through to Italian-American culture, as well. There have been many great books written by Italian-American authors, like Mario Puzo, for example, who wrote The Godfather. Besides “The Godfather, Mario Puzo also wrote a few other books around this topic. “The … Read more

Enrico Fermi Is The Bomb

enrico fermi and the atomic bomb

Enrico Fermi (1901-1954) was an Italian-American physicist who made significant contributions to the field of nuclear physics and was one of the key figures in the development of the atomic bomb. Fermi was born in Rome and for the most part had a “normal” childhood of the day. One morning, at the daily market in … Read more